Short users guide

Normal turn on
- Wait until the LED is off
- Drop time is displayed
- Dropping is started in dry mode

Turn on with button pressed
- Wait until the LED is off
- Drop period can be adjusted.
- As many times the button is pressed that will be the time between drops.
- If the button is pressed less than the minimum, the minimum will be set.
- If the button is pressed more than the maximum, the maximum will be set.
- Adjustment will be accepted when the button is not pressed for 3 seconds.
- After acception the stored value will be displayed.
- After displaying dropping will be started.

While dropping:
- By pressing the button the rain/dry mode can be toggled.
- mode is displayed: rain=3 blinks, dry=2 blinks.
- If pressig for 2s the valve is opened until the next power cycling

Other info
- Minimum drop period: 4
- Maximum drop period: 200
- The unit of drop perid is: 10s
- The valve is open at one drop: 3s
- The divider of drop period for rain mode: 4


The oiler is based on the TUTORO chain oiler from Ebay. Basically only the nozzle is useful, but the whole kit can be used.
A 12V electromagnetic valve must be inserted in the oil tube.
Arduino Nano clone with ATMega328P microcontroller is used for controlling the valve.
Aquarium air tube and accesories can be used for connecting the tube to the valve. The plastic tube can be glued into the input and output of the valve.
Schematic and connection diagram
MOSFET SUM110N06-3m4L MOSFET (Any logic level FET will do that can handle the current of the electric valve.) Free sample can be ordered from Vishay
C software code
HEX file Can be downloaded to Atmel