LiPo Bag Test

Further information:

The bag being tested: "LiPo Battery Safety Guard Charge Bag Fireproof pack Charging Sack 23x30" from Ebay
The battery used was at the and of its life. "Li-Po Nanoforce 11,1V 1850mAh 40C" received from another modeller

First I tried to short the battery with an automotive 12VDC realy.
The conductor in the relay melted, broke, and contacted no more.

This is not a part of the test.

The battery and the cable used for shorting
The counterpart of the connector is shorted and will be plugged in.
Temperature: 18C

In the first seconds the insulation of the short ciurciuting connector fired
This is not a part of the test.

The cells fired one by one.
The pictures are in chronological order.
The whole process lasted for about 5 minutes.

The outside temperature of the top of the bag: 270C
The wires fell out of the battery.
The paper under the bag is burnt. Did not make flames, but it was close to that.
The internal structure of the battery can be seen.
I opened tha bag. The internal layer is not hurt, but the outside melted.