Servo tester made of a faulty ESC

Any ESC can be used that contains an Atmel microcontroller and the microcontroller part is working.
The programming pins of the Atmel are usually connected to pads on the PCB.
For manual control the potentiometer of a servo can be used connected to one of the ADC inputs.
One of the 16bit timer outputs can be used for generating the control signal at 1us resolution.
It is recommended to place a diode that protects from reverse supply connection.

"C code for ATMega8"
"C code for ATmega168P"

The storing and reload of the extreme values of the potentiometer is not working correctly.
It must be activated in the code, the values red from the EEPROM by the debugger and than written into the code as constants.
... Or the bug should be fixed...

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