Servo current consumption test

The test was made the following way:
The servo is fixed to the edge of the table. As a load a 1 liter bottle of water is hanged on the 0.95cm long arm (0.95kgcm). The current is measured on a 0.1ohm shunt. (100mV = 1A) The servo is moved with a signal generator. The supply voltage is 5V. As the potentiometer is rotated, the servo moves between the two end positions. At every measurement once forward and back. The two positions are approximately -45deg to +45deg.

Turnigy TGY S306G - 0.07s/60deg
- 2.4kgcm
- 21g
- top ball bearing
- metal gear
- digital
Unloaded current
No load, no motion: 22mA
Unloaded motion
No load, the arm moves between endpositions: 304mA peak
Static load
The load is hanging on the arm, no motion: 330mA
Loaded motion
The load is hanging on the arm, moving between the endpositions: 464mA peak
The arm is blocked: 1000mA